About CODA


CODA has born with the purpose of making working with ServiceNow more efficient. For that, our pillars are to automate everything that can be done by machines and to provide instructions for the subjects where human work is really valuable. In other words, to combine automation with clear information.

In most cases, we don’t need our developers to use their time reviewing thousands of lines of code to check if a GlideRecord or a Script Include is following the best practices. In addition to requiring that the developer has solid knowledge, it makes the process slower and error prone. This time would be much more useful in new developments or fixing bugs.

On the other hand, even though we show to the developer where there is a code that isn’t following the best practices, the developer could be unsure of how to fix this bug, which would lead to a lot of time spent on research and investigation. There is where our detailed documentation for each issue type comes into place, specifying why it is an issue and how to fix it.

Our goal is to continue making ServiceNow developers’ lives easier.

Who created CODA?

CODA was created by . We have the largest and most certified ServiceNOW team in Latin America, experienced at performing end-to-end implementation of the most diverse solutions of this manufacturer, in projects of national and worldwide relevance.

That means we understand the pain that we want to remediate since we had faced it in a lot of projects. CODA was tested and approved on real projects before being launched, because we want to deliver a solution that solves real problems.